Gym Flooring

Maple Flooring

The staple of basketball courts is the look and feel of a quality maple flooring system and Jelco can provide any type of system that you demand.

We not only install maple flooring for basketball courts, but also dance floors, racquetball courts, etc.


Refinishing a floor with regularity will help to maintain and extend the life of a gym floor. We suggest you have Jelco refinish your floors at least once a year.

lion wood


If you want to restore your old gym floor, or fix water damaged areas, we can sand down the floor and restore/improve the look of your gymnasium.


Many people ask us how they should clean and maintain their floor throughout the year. It is important to allows clean with a good dustmop. Never wet mop a floor. Always clean with an approved floor cleaner and clean spills up immediately.

For more details click below to download Jelco's suggested maintenance sheet.

Maintenance Sheet