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Meet Our Staff


Jared Jellison - President

email: jared@jelcogyms.com

Jordon Jellison - Vice President

email: jordon@jelcogyms.com

Richard Ruiz - Project Manager

email: richard@jelcogyms.com

Jon Springer - Project Manager

email: jon@jelcogyms.com

Betsy Burress - Operations Assistant

email: betsy@jelcogyms.com


Contact Us

email us at


Jellison Inc., dba Jelco

mail: PO Box 151085 Austin, TX 78715

office: 12928 Lowden Ln #G Manchaca, TX 78652

phone: 800-366-8306

fax: 800-342-4976

email: web@jelcogyms.com

About Jelco

Founded on a love of racquetball over 20 years ago, Jelco is ever evolving.  Progressing from racquetball courts, to the construction and maintenance of athletic flooring, from seating to basketball equipment.  As a supplier of flooring, venue seating, backboards, scoreboards and everything in between, Jelco offers the “one stop shop” for all your gymnasium needs. 


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